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Describe and evaluate the social learning theory of aggression. (25 marks)

The social learning theory comes originally, from Gabriel Tarde. He claimed that the key
characteristics of imitation were; behaviour of role model, copying the behaviour of those of
a higher status, degree of contact with the role model and…

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experimental room the child was allowed to play for the duration of 20 minutes while the
experimenter evaluated the child's play. The study showed that those who saw the
aggressive model beat Bobo up and those who didn't see the aggressive behaviour didn't
beat Bobo up.

However this study can…

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and also make them more reliable. It also considers the fact that different children may react
differently to surroundings so having a big sample will reduce the risk of having unreliable
Therefore we can say that aggressive behaviour may be learnt through in-direct
reinforcement causing children to act this…

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