Describe and evaluate two definitions of abnormality 12 mark essay plan

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Describe and evaluate at least two definitions of abnormality (12 marks)
Point 1: Failure to function adequately
Occurs when someone is unable to cope with ordinary demands of day to day living
Caused by psychological distress or discomfort which may lead to harm of self or
Rosenhan and Seligman (1989) proposed signs that can be used to determine when
someone isn't coping:
o The person no longer conforms to standard interpersonal rules e.g.
maintaining eye contact
o Experience severe personal distress
o Behaviour becomes irrational and dangerous to themselves or others
Example: someone diagnosed with depression may be diagnosed with it if it hinders
their everyday life e.g. not being able to go to work
Point 2: Deviation from ideal mental health
Occurs when someone doesn't meet a set of criteria for good mental health
Jahoda (1958)
o Suggest we have good mental health if we meet the following criteria:
Personal growth
Self actualisation
should reach your potential
Reality perception
Should know what's real
Realistic view of the world
Should be independent and our ability to make our own
Should fit into society and be able to cope with stressful
Self attitudes
Should be positive
Lack guilt
Environment mastery
Should cope in your environment, be able to function at work
and in relationships
Love and enjoy our leisure

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A02 Evaluation
Point 1 Patients perspective
Attempts to include the subjective experience of the individual
Although their view may be subjective, it at least acknowledges that the patients
experience is important
This suggests that failure to function adequately is a useful criterion for assessing
Point 2 Subjective judgements
Deciding whether someone is distressed or distressing is subjective
Some patients that claim they're distressed may be judged as not suffering
Who has the right to make this judgement/decision
There are checklists available such as Global…read more

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