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De-Scaling Coffee Machines

Information about Limescale and calcium carbonate

Hard water contains high levels of calcium carbonate. It enters the water from
rainwater which has been in contact with chalk or limestone. It is not treated
before it enters the house for use. The water has high levels of calcium…

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Ethanoic acid

It has a Ph. of 2.8
It is an acid because of the Ph of 2.8 but it is not as acidic as the other
two acids
When oxygen is formed with ethanol, it produces ethanoic acid.
It is in vinegar as it has a slight sour taste.…

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Citric Acid

It has a Ph. of 2.1
It is high on the Ph scale of acids
Lemon juice can work as well as citric acid
Some coffee machines can only use citric acid

Advantages Disadvantages
It is cheap It needs to be diluted to be
It is a weak…

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Sulfamic Acid

It has a Ph. of 2.2
It is high on the Ph scale of an acid
Advantages Disadvantages
It has a indefinite shelf life It is an irritant to skin
There are no special safety It is very concentrated but it
precautions has to, to work
It has…

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