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Peter medak is the director
Starts of with the war
EMS helping people in a dark street with crushed homes and buried people
Derek buried in bricks and rubble from his own house
Shows Derek being uncovered by EMS
Derek having a minor seizure

7 years later

Derek Gets caught…

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Chris tries to commit suicide by jumping of the roof
falls into a green house badly cut and hurt, fail
Cops take Derek away
Shows people crying at the cops funeral

In court
Derek apparently supported Chris
Injured cop has his say
He says it was their intention to kill,…

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Mum gives Derek a picture of the dogs with iris
Derek asks to look after them
Derek says he's not worried
Puts hand on the glass against his mums-camera zooms in on the hands
Derek starts to cry after seeing his mum cry
Shows family snuggling up together in a…

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Slow scrolling credits-white text, black background


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