Derek bentley notes: let him have it CW

the title says it all

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Peter medak is the director
Starts of with the war
EMS helping people in a dark street with crushed homes and buried people
Derek buried in bricks and rubble from his own house
Shows Derek being uncovered by EMS
Derek having a minor seizure
7 years later
Derek Gets caught in a shed the other flee
Curious owner shines a light into Derek's eyes and he has a minor seizure the owner feels
sorry for Derek now and is scared of him
The camera zooms into Derek's face
Can't get into a good school the head called him a problem and irresponsible
Shows Derek in his room alone
Then iris walks in
He hasn't been out his room for years and smells of fags
Derek's friend gives him a knuckle duster, Derek don't know what it is
Shows a girl saying the lords prayer
Looks out the window and sees Chris Craig on the roof
Girl alerts mum
Mum looks out calls the husband
Husband calls the police
Husband sees what's up
Derek don't want to follow Chris onto the roof by climbing up a gutter pipe
Chris wants him to come up Derek falls for it
The police turn up @ Barlow and parkers
They hear an alarm from a cop car
Chris shouts to cop
Derek goes out
Chris points the gun at the cop
Cop asks for gun politely
Derek shouts "Let him have it, Chris"
Cop pins Derek against the wall asking if he had a gun
Gets the knuckle dusters out of his pocket asks why he has them
Cop puts them up to Derek's face
Cop asks for back up
Shows medium shots of cops loading gun while walking in the station
Chris shoots the air continuously for 30 secs
Shows the crowds below the roof top
Chris carries on shooting the air to scare police and is shouting
Chris shoots a cop in the forehead, cop is dead and flops to floor
Derek goes to see the dead cop
Chris threatens Derek with gun
Police bundle Derek and arrest him
Chris runs out of bullets, cops fully loaded

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Chris tries to commit suicide by jumping of the roof
falls into a green house badly cut and hurt, fail
Cops take Derek away
Shows people crying at the cops funeral
In court
Derek apparently supported Chris
Injured cop has his say
He says it was their intention to kill, the jury disagrees and moans
Chris is questioned about the number of firearms he had, over 50 in 2 years
Judge says quotes from Chris after his arrest
Chris tells Derek he should have shot…read more

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Mum gives Derek a picture of the dogs with iris
Derek asks to look after them
Derek says he's not worried
Puts hand on the glass against his mums-camera zooms in on the hands
Derek starts to cry after seeing his mum cry
Shows family snuggling up together in a taxi
His dad in commons alone
Lots of people come to tell him the news
He faints on hearing the news that Derek will die at 9am the next day
His mum and iris crying…read more

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Slow scrolling credits-white text, black background…read more


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