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In what ways is Schoenburg's `Der Kranke Mond' a typically
expressionist work?
Atonal ­ not one place in the piece is tonal sounding
Use of Sprechstimme, meaning spoken song which is an indefinite pitch
within the vocal line, e.g. beginning
Use of a wide tessitura ­ For example in the…

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What features of `Der Kranke Mond' would have had such an impact
on the theatre audience of the day?

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Identify features of Schoenburg's `Der Kranke Mond' that are typical
of music composed in the early 20th century.

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Identify features of Schoenburg's `Der Kranke Mond' that are typical
of music composed in the early 20th Century.

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Identify features of Schoenburg's `Der Kranke Mond' which show
modernist characteristics.

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Describe some of the ways in which the music of Schoenburg's `Der
Kranke Mond' reflect the meaning of the text.

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Pierrot Lunaire is renowned as being a piece that expresses madness
and extremes of emotion. Describe those features of the music in `Der
Kranke Mond' which support this interpretation.
Thin 2-part texture ­ Flute and singer which are not equal parts.
No common music material ­ Disturbing
Highly chromatic ­…

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`Disturbed' and `disorientated' are expressions which have been used
to describe Scheonburg's `Pierrot Lunaire'. Describe how the elements
of `Der Kranke Mond' support such a view.
Written in a satirical and ironic vein just before WWI, based on a clown
whose sanity is questioned. Expressionist work.
Thin 2-part texture in…

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`A haunting and desolate vision.' Discuss this description of
Schoenburg's setting of the text in `Der Kranke Mond'
Atonal ­ not one bar within the piece is tonal
Extreme discordant intervals ­ Diminished octave, bar 3 `dort'
Rhythms are fragmented by rests which causes them to become
unpredictable ­ Penultimate…


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