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History revision year 10
Was the Weimar republic doomed from the start?
How did Germany emerge from defeat in WW1?
- Treaty of Versailles ­ admitting to all wrong doing and this meant they
owed a lot of money to other countries ­ most of the population felt
they received…

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Weaknesses of the Weimar republic:
- Proportional representation ­ means it is hard for tiny parties to get a
- Article 48 ­ President did not need to agree with Reichstag to make a
law, supposed to be used in an emergency, but meant you could use it

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- Gustav Stresemann was in every government from 1923-1929 is
important because he supported conservative and this meant
conservative supporters would support Weimar too
Foreign Policy:
- The Locarno treaties meant people attacked Locarno, also Germany
says they won't change their borders by going to war with people this

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- Furher ­ single leader with complete power, no democracy
- Social Darwinism ­ the Aryan race was superior and Jews were
- Germany was in danger from communists and Jews
The appeal of the Nazis
In the 1920s, the Nazis aim was to appeal to everyone, the 25-point…

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How did the Nazis come to power?
By 1932 the Nazis were the largest party in Germany but didn't have the
majority yet in the Reichstag.
- In 1933 President Hindenburg was forced to invite Hitler as Chancellor
he believed Von Papen could control Hitler as her was Vice Chancellor…

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Von Papen who had replaced Bruning (who was the last democratic leader)
called another election so there would be a leading majority party

The election of November 1932
Von Papen didn't have a majority in the Reichstag; he was still dependent
upon Hindenburg's article 48 powers
The Nazis were starting…

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The Nazis blamed communists and used this as an excuse to introduce the
`emergency decree' and take over powers. They could also campaign for the
election in an atmosphere of panic.
Emergency decree ­ people could be imprisoned without trial
The election of March 1933
The Nazis won their largest…

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How did Hitler have complete control over Germany by August 1934?
Night of the long knives
Hitler and other conservatives like Goring and Goebbels viewed Rohm as a
dangerous rival. He was the leader of the SA (4 million me) and he wanted a
more profound revolution in Germany

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What was it like to live in Nazi Germany?
Religious beliefs
- The Nazis signed an agreement with the pope where the pope agreed
to stay out of politics if the Nazis left the church alone
- The Nazis set up a new church, the Reichskirche, under a pro-Nazi

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- Edelweiss Pirates ­ fewer working class teens ­ They opposed by
mocking Hitler youth and helping escaped prisoners ­ sometimes
arrested, sometimes ignored ­ ringleaders were executed
- The White rose ­ middle class uni - sent leaflets and graffiti around the
uni because they opposed the war and…


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