depression and addiction exam questions

this is just a little resource i created containing all the exam questions i could find on depression and addiction in order of year.

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June 2011
-Discuss biological therapies for depression. (9 marks + 16 marks)
January 2012
-Outline two psychological explanations of depression. (8 marks)
-Evaluate psychological explanations of depression. (16 marks)
June 2012
-Discuss biological explanations for depression. (8 marks + 16 marks)
January 2013
-Discuss issues related to the classification and/or diagnosis of depression. (8 marks + 16 marks)
June 2013
-Outline the clinical characteristics of depression. (4 marks)
-Outline one biological explanation for depression. (4 marks)
-Evaluate one or more biological explanations for depression. (16 marks)
Psychology Of Addictive Behaviour
June 2011
-Outline the learning model of addiction. (5 marks)
-Explain how self-esteem can influence vulnerability to addiction. (4 marks)
A study into the effects of warnings on cigarette packets has found that these vary
depending on the reason why people smoke in the first place. College students were
given questionnaires to assess whether self-esteem played a role in their motivation
to smoke. They were then shown cigarette packets with either death-related warnings
(eg `smokers die young') or death-neutral warnings (eg `smoking makes you unattractive').
Students, for whom smoking was important to their self-esteem, were not put off by
warnings of death on cigarette packets. Surprisingly, their attitude to smoking became
more positive after being shown such messages. However, warnings related to the
source of their self-esteem, (eg `smoking makes you unattractive'), significantly reduced
positive attitudes to smoking in this group.
The questionnaires consisted of statements such as `Smoking makes me feel valued'
and students had to indicate in a tick box the extent to which they agreed/disagreed with
each statement
- Suggest one other possible statement that could have been used to assess the role of
self-esteem. State whether this kind of data is qualitative or quantitative. (2 marks)
-Explain one strength and one limitation of using a questionnaire in this study. (2 marks + 2

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Using the findings from this study and other psychological research, discuss the effectiveness of
different types of intervention. (10 marks)
January 2012
-Outline and evaluate the biological approach to explaining smoking behaviour.
(4 marks + 4 marks)
Andy is in his first year at university. He is a shy young man who lacks confidence in
himself and worries about meeting new people. Since starting university, Andy has
preferred to stay in his room, playing strategy games on the internet with his old school
friends.…read more

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Outline one biological intervention for reducing addictive behaviour and evaluate the
effectiveness of this intervention. (4 marks + 6 marks)
June 2013
Sam has recently left school and started work. His new job is monotonous and he often
feels bored. On the way home from work, he and his new workmates call at the betting
shop and place a couple of bets. Sam has a few wins in the first week and finds the
atmosphere very exciting.…read more



Great summary of all the things you're likely to be asked in the exam about depression and addiction - useful at every stage of revision


Well done Aisha


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