Denotation and Connotation in English Language and Literature

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Wednesday 1st January 2012
Denotation and Connotation
Perfume Denotations Connotations
Angel Winged person Beautiful women,
Lady Million Rich woman Gold,
Maybe suggests a rich scent?
Strong and bold?
Be Delicious Something that tastes pleasant Juicy,
Tasty smell,
Fuel for Life Something needed to live? Petrol- gets you going through
Strong scent,
Stereotypically masculine?
How does the leaflet use images to persuade the reader to visit the attraction?
The leaflet includes images of diggers to entice the reader. The images used connote masculinity and
a sense of adventure stereotypically aimed towards a younger generation.
The leaflet consists of images of diggers and children to prove their target market. The images
connote a strong, `macho' sense, and so may attract men rather than women.
WRITE MORE!!- expand points and analyse the issue and effects of these techniques.

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Wednesday 1st January 2012
For a C or above in the exam, you MUST write about the connotations of an image.
Layout- Cluttered? Busy? Space?
Colours- Bright? Muted? Pastel? Garish? Themed?
Fonts- Varied? Consistent? Formal? Jazzy? Childish?
Text boxes, headings and subheadings= used to give key facts? To highlight important info?
Remember to identify purpose, pick out a feature and explain its effects.…read more


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