Demonstrative Pronouns: French Grammar

Saying what they are, how the're used and giving some examples

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Demonstrative Pronouns
Refer to a previously-mentioned noun in a sentence
They roughly translate into English as `this one', `that one', `the one(s)', `these', `those'
Singular Plural
Masculine Celui Ceux
Feminine Celle Celles
1. Each of these can refer to something nearby or far away
a. Celui and celle can both mean `this one' or `that one'
b. Ceux and celles can both mean `these' or `those'
2. They must always be used with a suffix, a preposition, or a relative pronoun
Suffix: as with demonstrative adjectives, you can distinguish between this one and that one, these and
those by adding ­ci (here) and ­là (there)
I don't know if I want these or those - Je ne sais pas si je veux ceux-ci ou ceux-là
Which girl did it, this one or that one? ­ Quelle fille l'a fait, celle-ci ou celle-là?
Ie. ­ci makes the demonstrative pronoun mean `this', `these' and `the latter', -là therefore makes the
demonstrative pronoun mean `that', `those' and `the former'
Preposition: usually introduced by de to mean `that of', `those of' or `(name)'s'
Which film do you want to see? The one from France or (the one from) Canada? ­ Quel film veux-tu
voir? Celui dela France ou celui du Canada?
I can't decide between these two dresses. The silk one is prettier but also more expensive than the cotton
one ­ Je ne peux pas décider entre ces deux robes. Celle de soie est plus jolie mais aussi plus chère que
celle de coton (here `celle de soie' has the literal translation of `the one of silk')
Relative pronoun: this is always then followed by a dependent clause, and translates as `the one who',
`he who', `anyone who', `those who' or `which'
Those who are polite will receive a gift ­ Ceux qui sont polis recevront un cadeau
He who (whoever) lied, will be punished ­ Celui qui a menti sera puni


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