Democrats and Republicans

Policy differences between the two parties.

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Policy Area Democrats Republican
Economic Favour the higher Decisions in finance should
minimum wage be left to the individual.
Support more welfare Low taxes.
programs like Medicare Government encourages
for all. individuals to find jobs
Publicly funded college instead of providing them
education. with welfare until they decide
Higher taxes. to do so themselves.
Oppose favouring the Opposes `socialised
rich at the cost of the medicine'.
poor. Lower minimum wage.
Provide financial aid to Private student finance for
boost economy progress. college and university.
Environmental Promotion of renewable A more cynical approach to
resources and intentions climate change including
to base 25% of Bush's opposition to the
America's energy on it Kyoto Protocols
by 2025 Support oil drilling and have
Higher taxes on no solid proposed
companies exercising renewable resource plans.
irresponsible private
practices i.e. oil
Social Supports equal Against same sex marriage.
opportunity. Prolife
Varied support for same Faith based investments,
sex marriage. largely Christian.
Prochoice. Capital punishment
Wish for tighter gun Opposition to gun ownership
control but unlikely. regulation laws
For government funded Majority against stem cell
stem cell research. research.
International Party relatively split on Strong National Defence
Afghanistan and Iraq. policy.
Against unilateralism. Support for unilateralism
Encourages self Supports immigration on the
sufficiency but basis that it's good for the
encourages good economy.
international relations. "War on Terror"


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