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Pluralist democracy

PLURALISM- Wide range of groups, interests, beliefs and ideologies, all competing for attention and
influence. The UK allows free society, tolerant of different cultures, ideas and demands however the
groups are not allowed to breach the law, appear as a threat of the state, commit crime, or adopt…

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Cannot rely if information is accurate but if we combine various sources available we can
make a reasonable judgement
Pressure groups help to inform and educate us
Pressure groups represent interests to those who govern, insiders try seek to secure
favourable legislations or decisions and to avoid unfavourable ones…

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Transport, emergency and medical workers may have more power than groups that are
employed in the private sector
RECENT EXAMPLE- Finance lobby- after credit crunch 2007/08, economic recession that
followed and the public fury over the size of top banker's pay, the banking sector came
under huge pressure, the finance…


Old Sir


This is a very useful reminder of some of the main issues affecting the nature of democracy in contemporary Britain. However, students are advised to research and attach more examples to support the discussion of issues, especially to address Assessment Objective 2, (evaluation and analysis). For instance, recent electoral participation figures, recent examples of direct action and attempts by pressure groups to influence recent political events.

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