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Delegated Legislation

What is Delegated Legislation?

Delegated Legislation is law made by other bodies other than parliament. Parliament usually
prescribes the power in an `enabling act'. This is also referred to a `Parent Act'. This creates the
framework of the law and then delegates the power to either the minister…

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Delegated legislation can be altered easily as it is not such a lengthy process. It can be
enacted quickly and revoked if problematic. It is also important for implementing European Law.

4) Emergency

Delegated legislation is useful in times of emergency as parliament would not have the time to

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2) Substantive ultravires
This is when the delegated legislation goes beyond the powers laid down within the enabling
act. This occurred in Commissioners of Customs and Excise V Cure and Deeley Ltd
(1962) within this the Commission had released legislation stating that they had the power to
determine how much…


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