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Legislation…read more

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Types of Delegated
Legislation…read more

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Delegated Legislation
O Delegated Legislation is necessary as the
government does not have enough time or
expertise to create laws for every issue
O By delegating law, the law can be much more
relevant to an area, rather than just a `blanket'
law for the whole country that may not be as
O It also compensates for the needs of a changing
society due to their flexibility
O Parliamentary Acts take too long to pass and are
harder to amend…read more

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Orders in Council
O These are laws made by the Privy council
O The Privy council consists of the monarch,
government ministers and other important
O This type of Law can be made very quickly,
as such, they are ideal for times of
O Terrorism Order 2001 ­ An order was made
to make it an offence to provide funds to
anyone involved with terrorism…read more

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Statutory Instruments
O These are created by government ministers
under the authority of an enabling act
O They can apply to the whole of the U.K. or
just one country
O Useful for updating Law
O National Minimum Wage Act 1998 ­ This
shows an example of how SI's can be used
for a changing country…read more

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O Created by local bodies of power (councils,
O They must be confirmed by the relevant
government minister
O Deal with local issues (drinking, smoking)
O Benefit from local knowledge…read more

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