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The types of delegated legislation
Orders in council are when the government make law in
the name of the queen through the Privy Council. This
includes the current and former cabinet minsters and other
senior politicians. They are used occasionally to make
specific law changes e.g. in 2004 one was…

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Courts unlike a law enacted by a legislature, the validity of
delegated legislation can be challenged in the courts. This
is because the piece of delegated legislation is ultra vires
which means that it's beyond the powers granted by the

Advantages of delegated legislation
Parliament does not have the…

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The large amount of delegated legislation makes it
difficult to keep track of the current law.
There is little publicity of delegated legislation
compared to Acts of parliament so people may be
unaware that a particular rule exists.
Control by the parliament is not always effective.
There is a lack…


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