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Jazmin Ezenekwe A2 Psychology


Deindividuation is the psychological state of an individual when they become part of an anonymous
collective group causing them to lose their personal identity and therefore their inhibitions about aggression.
We act in a way that goes against our personal or social norms and behave…

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Jazmin Ezenekwe A2 Psychology

Faceless Crowd
The vast majority of people that were involved in the riots meant that the looting and aggressive
behaviour reduced likelihood of being caught- therefore personal autonomy was reduced- people
easily influenced and encouraged to conform through peer/group pressure. As
the group number increased, the…

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Jazmin Ezenekwe A2 Psychology

SUPPORT: Zimbardo- found that female students who wore lab coats and hoods to cover their faces gave
twice as much electric shock as participants who wore their own clothes and large name badges- shows
anonymity is a key factor in increased aggression.

-Demand characteristics- guessed aims…


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