Definitions of customers

This is a brief description of what customer service is, along with the definitions of both internal and external customers

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Customer Service
Customer service is the ability to provide a service or product in the way that it has
been promised.
Customer Service is any contact between a customer and a company, which causes a
negative or positive perception by a customer.
Own definition ­ Customer service is basically used to help customers with their needs and
also with what they want.
Internal Customers
An internal customer can be a coworker, another department, or a distributor who
depends upon us to provide products or services, which in turn are utilized to create a
deliverable for the external customer. In general, internal customers don't have a
choice. For example, if the sales department doesn't like accounting's credit policies,
they can't fire that department and hire another.
Employee who receives goods or services produced elsewhere in the firm as inputs to
his or her work in the firm.
Own definition Internal customers are people who may work within a company but not in
the same department.
External Customers
Entity who uses or is directly affected by a firm's products.
The customers outside of the organization. These may also include other customers in the
chain of distribution. In an outsourced situation, external customers often refer to those outside
the scope of the contract but still within the organization.
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Own definition ­ External customers to me can be basically customers outside of a company
and not within it.…read more


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