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Definition and characteristics of schizophrenia
In order to be diagnosed as a schizophrenic, three of the following criteria must
be met:
Characteristic symptoms: 2 or more of the following positive symptoms
lasting for at least 1 month.
-Disorganised speech
-grossly disorganised behaviour
-Negative symptoms- affective flattening (lack of emotional response),
alogia (lack in speech) or avolition (lack of motivation)
If delusions are judged as being bizarre or hallucinations consist of one
voice giving a running commentary of patients' actions or 2 voices talking to
each other, then a person is automatically schizophrenic and needs none of
the above symptoms.
Social/ occupational dysfunction: actions interfere with everyday life. Not
able to function at work, have positive relationships, have good self care.
Duration: symptoms must last 6 months
If symptoms are due to a mood disorder or are a direct result of a drug
overdose then they aren't schizophrenic.


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