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refers to a
Variable particular memory
location that is
used to store data.

a sequence of
steps designed
Algorithm to program a
particular task

in which is
Selection statements
condition is i
Statement which
should (if
bean e
statements, S
structure is
Iteration group of stat…

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statement is
Validation 41 41/04/98
days in a
error messa
is a subroutine that
executes its
Function statements and
returns a single

is a single
instruction or
Statement step within a

is a subroutine that
simply executes its
Procedure statements and
returns control to

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using variable
Assignment can be given d
values while
Statement program is run
scanf( %d , &

is an item of data
that is given to a
Parameter procedure or

the numbers after
data are called
Pointer pointers as they
point to the next
data item

value to…

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more than 1
alphabetical letter
String (a max must be
including spaces)

has more
Double memory
assigned to it

holds 1 or 0
Boolean (true or false,
on or off)

Array several items
of similar data

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Conditional is a statement
performed if
Statements true or false

these are
programs that
Operators allow the
hardware to work

compare data and produce
a true or false depending
Relational/Comparisons on how the data compared
Operators relate to each other,
because they are used to
compare data.

this is an…

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Syntax this is an error that occurs when a
statement has been written in the
program that breaks the rules of
that programming language. This

means that statement cannot be
understood by the computer, and
cannot be executed

this is an error that occurs
Logic because there is a…

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a sequence is a control
structure in which a set
Sequence of instructions are each
executed once, in the
order they are written

Camel is when declaring variable
names you combine two or
more words by capitalising
the first letter, but making
Case one long word i.e.

when the…

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is declared at the
Global beginning of the code
and is available
throughout all the code,
Variables including all its

this means that
Initialising variables are
Variables given a starting
value -int x = 0

is declared and used inside a

Local module or subroutine and is
only available…


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