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Defining Crime and Deviance any key words will be defined at the end
of section.

Crime = behaviour which breaks laws and is punished by the legal system

Deviance = behaviour which goes against the norms, values and expectations
of a social group or society

Crime is mostly deviant, however…

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Situational deviance means acts which can be defined as deviant or normal,
depending on the circumstances, for example: Being naked ­ this is ok in your
own home but would be deviant on the high street.

Culturally constructed ­ a perspective based on cultural assumptions - for
example marriage is…

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Positive sanctions ­ Negative sanctions ­
these reward people for these punish people for
conforming to a norm. deviating a norm.
Formal sanctions ­ A certificate for A Fine for breaking
carried out by an passing an A level the law
Official agency. exam Points on a driving
A medal…

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What is the extent of crime?

Studying deviance is less clear, because there's deviance and social control in
all areas of sociological study.

Here are some practice questions:
1. Give an example of a behaviour which is deviant but not criminal.
2. What is situational deviance?
3. Give an example…


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