Death of a Salesman - Rural life

If you're doing 'Death of A Salesman', then this may be helpful. Basically, it has quotes for why Biff and Willy like rural living.

Hope it helps!**

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When Willy talks to Linda about his journey back home, he describes the scenery that he drove
past: "the trees are so thick, and the sun is warm"
"remember those two elm trees out there?... [we] hung the swing between them" ­Willy,
reminiscing. ([we] is Biff and Willy.)
"this time of year it was lilac and wistaria... then the peonies... and the daffodils" ­Willy, to Linda,
("Texas is cool now, and it's spring") ­Biff, about his job.
"raise cattle, use our muscles. Men built like we are should be working out in the open" ­Biff, to
Happy, complaining about the city jobs.
"with a ranch I could do the work I like and still be something" ­Biff and his love for the outdoors.
"just swingin' there under those branches" ­Willy, about the hammock he bought in Albany.
"there's snakes and rabbits" ­Willy, boasting about the hunting privileges in Brooklyn.
"Biff can fell any one of these trees in no time" ­Willy, to Ben.
("we're gonna rebuild the entire front stoop right now") ­Willy, in front of Ben.
"we should be mixing cement on some open plain, or ­ or carpenters. A carpenter is allowed to
whistle!" ­Biff, to Happy.
"Be a carpenter, a cowboy, enjoy yourself!" ­Willy, to Biff.
("we'd be out playin' ball again...!) ­Happy, to Biff.
"little place out in the country, and I'll raise some vegetables, a couple of chickens..." ­Willy,
dreaming out loud, to Linda.
"I'd build a little guest house,( `cause I got so many fine tools, all I'd need would be a little lumber")
­Willy, to Linda, about Biff + Happy settling down.
"I could build two guest houses" ­same as above ^^.


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