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DC CIRCUITS…read more

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Kirchhoff's Laws
1st Law 2nd Law
The sum of the The sum of the emfs
currents going into a around any loop in a
point in a circuit is circuit is equal to the
the same as the sum sum of the p.ds
of the currents going around that point.
out of that point. (conservation of
(conservation of energy)
charge) emf = pd…read more

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Resistor Networks
2 resistors in parallel…read more

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Internal Resistance
Batteries have internal
resistance due to electrons
passing through the chemicals
inside the cells.
Terminal pd
the pd across the external
resistor in a circuit…read more

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Internal Resistance
= I(R+r)
= V + Ir
e = emf, V
I = current, A
R = external
r = internal resistance,
V = terminal pd, V…read more

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Potential Dividers
circuits with a
voltage source
and a couple of
resistors in series
the potential of
the voltage
source is divided
in the ratio of the
resistances…read more

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