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Day care
What is day care and what are the
different types?
Day care care for children under school age, generally by a nursery or childminder

Nursery based care parents entitled to free nursery care for children aged 3 and

above, staffed by trained workers, may be attached to a…

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Effects of day care on social
More contact with other children if child goes to nursery/childminders increased

opportunity to develop social skills e.g. sharing, talking to others

Andersson (Sweden studies) children who attended day care were more sociable and

outgoing, better abilities to play with peers and get along…

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Children who spent long days in day care were less socially competent

Children who attended more days a week but shorter days were socially competent

Children attending high quality day care had better social abilities

Children who were socially skilled at 3 ½ tended to be socially skilled later…


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