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David Cameron's Conference Speech
in relation to Traditional Conservatism…read more

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David Cameron Traditional Conservatives
"Our Queen, the finest head Traditional conservatives
of state on Earth" believe in preserving the
"They draped themselves in monarchy as it maintains
one flag" social order
"What could be more Patriotism is one of the key
important than saving our beliefs of traditional
united kingdom?" conservatives…read more

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David Cameron Traditional conservatives
"We made the big decision to Traditional conservatives do
protect the NHS from not believe there should be
spending cuts" any form of National Health
"I'll tell you what's down: Service; it hinders the
waiting lists, mixed wards, traditional private doctors
the number of managers, and leads to people
bureaucratic targets and exploiting the kindness of the
hospital infections" state…read more

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European Union
Although David Cameron Traditional conservatives do
supports the EU, he is still not believe in the formal
determined to protect our institution of the European
sovereignty Union, preferring the
"I did something no other sovereignty of Britain
British leader has ever done
... Britain comes first and I
vetoed that EU treaty."…read more

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Although he believes in welfare, Traditional conservatives
he still aims to cut it down disagree with welfare as the
The economy grew threefold state should not interfere
under Labour but welfare grew with the lives of individuals
elevenfold ­ not sustainable and benefits merely creates a
"No family will be getting more welfare dependency culture.
in benefits than the average
family earns.…read more

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"A decent education is the Traditional conservatives
only way to give all our believe education should not
children the chance they be funded by the state; it
need" should be up to the parent
79 Free Schools have been how much their child is
created to give parents educated
control…read more

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