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The Dative case
The third case that we have met is called the
Endings are:
f m n
singular ae o i
plural is is ibus
You translate it by adding the word `to' or `for'
in front of it, e.g.
Clemens puellae vinum offerebat
Clemens was offering wine to the girl
Dominus mercatori statuam emit The
master bought a statue for the merchant.
1. The 1st declension singular dative is identical
to the nominative plural. Use the rest of the
sentence to work out which one fits best.

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The words `I' and `you' have slightly different
dative forms:
nominative: ego tu
accusative: me te
dative: mihi tibi
to/for me
Ego senem saluto I greet the old
Senex me salutat The old man
greets me
Senex mihi statuam ostendit The old
man shows a statue to me.…read more


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