Dates for Elizabethan England

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Elizabeth Dates
1495 Henry VII ordered beggars to be put in stocks for 3 days
1516 Mary Tudor born
1531 Henry VIII gave people genuinely unable to work a license to beg and
ordered those begging without a license to be tied to the back of a cart
naked and beaten
1533 Henry becomes head of the church and marries Anne Boleyn.
1536 Henry asked people to voluntarily give money to the poorr in church
7/9/1533 Elizabeth Tudor born
1536 Anne Boleyn executed. Elizabeth is only 2
Catholic rebellion ­ Pilgrimage of Grace defeated, 200 executed
1537 Edward Tudor born and Jane Seymour dies
1536-40 Henry closes monasteries and seizes their wealth
1540's Henry debases coins
Silver from the New world is shipped to Europe
1547 Henry dies, Edward becomes Edward VI at the age of 9
Beggars are ordered to be whipped and branded with a V on their
forehead and enslaved for two years
1549 Catholics in Devon and Cornwall rebel, 2500 killed
Unemployment causes rebellion in Norfolk, 3000 killed
1553 Edward dies, Mary becomes queen
1554 Marriage to Philip causes rebellion led by Thomas Wyatt, 90 executed,
Elizabeth imprisoned in Tower of London in suspicion
17/11/1558 Mary dies, Elizabeth becomes queen
1559 Elizabeth's coronation
Church settlement ­ Acts of supremacy and uniformity
Elizabeth rejects Philip's offer of marriage
Elizabeth sends help to Scottish protestant rebels
1560-61 Elizabeth calls in debased coins and replaces them
1562 Elizabeth almost dies of smallpox
1562-98 French civil war
1568 Mary, Queen of Scots arrives in England
1569 Northern Rebellion
1570 Papal Bull of Excommunication
1571 Ridolfi Plot
1572 First act to deal with poor ­ poor rate, beggars to be whipped, poor to be
St Bartholomew's Day Massacre in France
Dutch revolt against Spanish rule begins
1575 Prophesying meetings
1576 2nd poor act ­ Houses of correction o force beggars to work
First theatre built by James Burbage
1577-80 Francis Drake sails around the world
1580 Jesuits begin to arrive in England
1583 Thockmorton Plot
1584 Murder of William of Orange
Bond of Association
1585 Elizabeth sends an army to help Dutch rebels
Outbreak of war with Spain
Catholic priest ordered out of the country within 40 days

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Sir Walter Raleigh tries to establish and English colony in Virginia
1586 Babington Plot
8/2/1587 Mary is executed
1588 Puritan leaders John Field and Robert Dudley die
The Spanish armada sets sail in the summer
1590's Elizabeth sells monopolies
Francis Walsingham dies
1593 Catholics are banned from travelling more than 5 miles from their homes
1594-97 Very bad harvests
1601 Elizabethan poor law ­ orphan apprenticeships, almshouses for the old and
sick, previous laws reinforced
Earl of Essex's rebellion
1603 Elizabeth dies…read more


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