Date Chart For Greek Vases and Free Standing Sculptures

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7th century BC 6th century BC 5th century BC 4th century BC
New York Kouros Kleobis and Biton Kritios Boy Eirene and
Ploutos -
Sounion Kouros Anavyssos Blonde Boy Hermes and
Kouros Dionysus
Nikandre Kore Berlin Goddess Delphic Aphrodite
Charioteer Bathing
A Early Peplos Kore Zeus/Posidon Raging Maenad
A Mid
A Late
Kore 675 Riace Warriors
Piraeus Apollo Diskobolos
Diadoumenos ­
Nike ­ Paionios
A Early
A Mid
A Late
Black Figure
6th century
The Sophilos Vase
Francois vase - Kleitias
Dionysus and Meanaids
­ The Amasis painter
Chariot ­ The Amasis
Ajax and Achilles Exekias

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Dionysus on a boat -
Red Figure
6th Century 5th Century
Dionysus on a bed ­ Andokides Painter Achilles and Hector ­ The
Berlin Painter
Three Men Carousing - Euthymides Apollo and Artemis ­ Niobid
Herakles and the Amazons - Eurphonios Fall of Troy ­ Kleophrades
A Early Orpheus playing the lyre-
A Mid Orpheus
A Late
Polyneikes and Eriphyle ­ The
Chicago Painter
Perseus and Medusa ­ Tha
pan Painter…read more


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