Data Protection Act: Notes & Worksheet

Some notes on the DPA 1998 and then a gap-fill exercise. It's the same as the notes except you're only given the headings and the first letter of each word. The idea is that you print it out and fill in the gaps to practise recalling the information.

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Key Terms
Personal data: Facts about and opinions of a living individual
Data Subject: The person that the data is being collected from or stored about.
Data User: Any person who needs to access or use the data.
Data Controller: The person who decides what data the organisation needs to collect and what it
will be used for. The person who must applies for permission to collect and store personal data.
Data Commissioner: The person who enforces the Data Protection Act and deals with requests for
permission to collect and store personal data.
Principles of the Data Protection Act
· Personal data should be obtained and processed fairly and lawfully
· Personal data can be held only for specified and lawful purposes
· Personal data should be adequate, relevant and not excessive for the required purpose
· Personal data should be accurate and kept up-to-date
· Personal data should not be kept for longer than is necessary
· Data must be processed in accordance with the rights of the data subject
· Appropriate security measures must be taken against unauthorised access
· Personal data cannot be transferred to countries outside the E.U. unless the country has
similar legislation to the Data Protection Act
Sensitive Data
· racial or ethnic origin
· membership of a trade union
· criminal convictions or offences
· political opinions
· religious beliefs
Rights of the Data Subject
The data subject has the right to:
· See data held on themselves
· Have any errors corrected
· Claim compensation for any distress caused if the Act has been broken
· Prevent processing likely to cause damage or distress
· Prevent processing for automated decision taking
Exemptions: When data controllers do not have to provide data to data subjects
· National Security
· Crime (prevention and detection)
· Taxation
· Heath, Education and Social Work
· Schools and examinations

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Key Terms
· P d: F a a o o a l i
· D S: T p t t d i b c f o s
· D U: A p w n t a o u t d.
· D C: T p w d w d t o n t
c a w i w b u f. T p w m
a f p t c a s p d.…read more

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· p o
· r b
Rights of the Data Subject
· T d s h t r t:
· S d h o t
· H a e c
· C c f a d c i t A h b b
· P p l t c d o d
· P p f a d t
Exemptions: W d c d n h t p d t d s
1. N S
2. C (p a d)
3. T
4.…read more


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