Data Protection Act: Notes & Worksheet

Some notes on the DPA 1998 and then a gap-fill exercise. It's the same as the notes except you're only given the headings and the first letter of each word. The idea is that you print it out and fill in the gaps to practise recalling the information.

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Key Terms
Personal data: Facts about and opinions of a living individual
Data Subject: The person that the data is being collected from or stored about.
Data User: Any person who needs to access or use the data.
Data Controller: The person who decides what data the organisation needs to…

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Key Terms

· P d: F a a o o a l i

· D S: T p t t d i b c f o s


· D U: A p w n t a o u t d.

· D C: T p w d w d…

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· c c o o

· p o

· r b

Rights of the Data Subject

· T d s h t r t:

· S d h o t

· H a e c

· C c f a d c i t A h b b

· P…


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