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Data protection Act
Introduced in 1998…read more

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Needs and Purpose of Data Protection
Business and organization use computers to store vital information
about their employees such as name, address, contact details,
employment history, medical conditions, convictions and credit history.
The law was passed by the parliament to control how data is handled
and give rights to people who have information stored
Business need to make sure they understand the following:
Who can access the data ?
Is the information accurate?
Could it be easily copied?
Can information be stored about an individual without their permission or
Was a record of changes kept…read more

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Implication Of data protection
Data must be used fairly and lawfully
Data can only be held or purchased for legal reasons
Data must be adequate relevant, and not excessive
All data must remain up to date
Data must only be held for the time it is required
Individuals have to right to access the data held about them and
have it corrected or erased
Data must be protected to prevent unlawful access o alteration.…read more


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