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Geographical skills theory
Data presentation: spatial data
Maps relevant features and data are marked on a map. Need a suitable scale, title
and north to be indicated.
Isolines uses point data by drawing a line to join up the points of the same value,
the lines represent the same value at the points in an area through which it passes.
Advantages- drawn easily on computers, can see areas of equal value, can
see gradual changes, avoids problem of boundary lines
Disadvantages- don't show discontinuous distributions, only work where
there is enough data spread over the area and when the changes are gradual.
Choropleths density maps where areas are shaded to represent the average number
per unit area.
Advantages- visual impressions of change over a space, general anomalies
can be identified, easily done by computer or hand, doesn't breech data
protection, good for data that involved density reading, easy to interpret
via a key.
Disadvantages- general, gives false impression of an abrupt change at
boundaries, variations within each area are hidden, reading exact figures is
Located symbols- dot maps
Advantages- effective in showing spatial density, shows variation and
pattern, easy to interpret, purpose is easily understood, easy to generate in
a computer.
Disadvantages- actual values can't be seen, dot crowding can lead to
clustering which is not very accurate, time consuming if done by hand, easy
to make a mistake
Located symbols- proportional symbols
Advantages- can deal with larger numbers than dots
Disadvantages- size of circles (too small and they can be hard to see, too
large and they can cover the map), scale (need a scale proportional to the
square root of the data value), location of circle (hard to be precise so it
can be inaccurate).
Located symbols- combined dots and circles
Advantages- good where low and high values are concerned
Disadvantages- confusing and difficult to read exact numbers, needs
complex scale, location of symbols

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Geographical skills theory
Located symbols- located bars
Advantages- simple and quick, easy to compare, can subdivide the bars to
show other features
Disadvantages- size of bar can hide detail on the map, bars can extend over
boundaries causing confusion, and location is hard to see as the bar is large.…read more


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