Dark side of the family


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Dark side of the family
1 in 4 people suffer from a mental disorder
Domestic violence accounts for 18% of all reported violent crimes
In Britain a women is killed by a violent partner or former partner every
3 days
25% of women experience domestic violence in their lifetime
12 men a year are killed by their female partners
112 women a year are killed by their male partners.
Police receive a complaint about domestic violence every 60 seconds
In Britain a women is assaulted in her home every 6 seconds
1 in 4 women experience domestic violence in their lives
1 in 10 women experience domestic violence every year
Domestic violence is more likely to occur during pregnancy
1 in 7 women raped by their husband, 12% by acquaintance and
boyfriends and only 2% by strangers
2 children a day will die through physical attack within the home
6% of children suffered serious physical neglect
6% of children emotionally maltreated
1% of children are sexually abused
49% of children are treated violently by their mothers, 40% by their
fathers and 8% by step-parents.
1 in 4 murders in the UK re committed by one family member against

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Vogel and Bell- functionalists
See children used by parents as emotional scapegoat or
punch bag for their everyday stress.
RD Lang
A psychologist concerned with causes of schizophrenia
Saw the family as a key source of madness especially schizophrenia
He saw the family as a tangled web on tension and conflict.
Such tensions can pull children apart resulting in psychiatric problems.
Family causes schizophrenia
The family needs a constant demand for mutual concern and attention which can
lead to harm.…read more

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3) participation of women in the labour market
4) the liberation of sex from reproduction
5) we are no longer resigned to fate and take a more active
role in deciding how they want to live
The return to the traditional family is nether desired nor
The challenge is the establishment of a satisfactory family
life in which partners are equal and relationships are based
on communication
50% of fathers lose contact with child after a year when
Women struggle to bring…read more

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Betsy Stanko (2000) found am act of domestic violence is committed every 6 seconds
Support for battered partners is not always forthcoming from the police, family, friends or the
welfare services.
The police traditionally regarded domestics as private and are reluctant to intervene
Who is likely to be abused?
The youngest age groups, boys, low birth weight children and illegitimate children are all
overrepresented. Babies under one are most vulnerable. Boys outnumber girls in most
cases of abuse.…read more

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The functionalist warm bath image of the family is increasingly
questioned as naive.
Marxist and feminists are critical of the family.
They all see the family as preventing the individual from achieving
personal freedom in different ways.
Edmund Leach sees the modern family as stifling and
Cooper sees the family as a dangerous socialising agency creating
over-obedient citizens.…read more


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