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The effect of caffeine on the
heart rate of daphnia
The daphnias' heart rate will be higher in the caffeine solution

The independent variable is the caffeine solution you put the daphnia in and
the dependent variable is the heart rate of the daphnia. There are other

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damp hands, causing attention if someone gets
electric shock injured.
Daphnia They might die during the Make sure the daphnia
experiment for several have enough water, don't
reasons: they might dry up, have too high a
too much caffeine, the heat concentration of caffeine,
is too high turn the lamp…

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The daphnia I tested in distilled water had a higher heart rate than those in the
caffeine solution. There is a 7.1% increase from the mean heart rate in the
caffeine solution to the mean in the distilled water. There were three outliers,
one in the distilled water, and…


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