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Father Jack…read more

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Background Information
Returned home after 25 years from Ryanga
in Uganda where he was a priest who has
lived as a missionary in a leper colony
Before this, he had been a Catholic priest in
the British Army during WW1.
He was once well respected in Ballybeg for
his work.…read more

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In the opening tableau, Father Jack is "wearing the uniform
of a British Army officer chaplain- a magnificent and
immaculate uniform of dazzling white; gold epaulettes and
gold buttons, tropical hat, clerical collar, military cane."
However, this "magnificent" uniform becomes a "very
soiled, very crumpled white uniform...the gold buttons are
tarnished. The uniform is so large that it looks as if it were
made for a much larger man... On his head he wears a
tricorn, ceremonial hat; once white like the uniform but now
grubby, the plumage torn".
This change in clothes reflects the change in character.…read more

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Jack was a catholic priest, however, upon his
return, he has appeared to have lost his catholic
beliefs and believes more in the pagan beliefs of
the native people in Africa. This loss of catholic
belief is shown when Jack returns, as he wears "no
clerical collar".
It is believed that Jack returned from Africa
because he was adopting the native beliefs.…read more

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Relationship with other
Kate- Kate respects Jack the most out of the sisters, she is the
one who attempts to restore Jack to his catholic beliefs. Kate is
strictly catholic and disapproves of pagan practices and Jack's
loss of faith.
Also, upon Jack's death, Kate is described as "inconsolable" by
Michael- The first time Michael sees Father Jack, he says "Uncle
Jack hadn't turned out at all as the resplendent figure in my
head". Father Jack was seen as a hero for going to Uganda, but
his return shows him as disappointing to Michael. Also, Jack
says Michael is a "love child", which he approves of as it is
common and attempted among the people of Uganda.…read more

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Return from Uganda
Along with losing his catholic faith in Uganda,
Jack also suffers from memory loss, forgetting
both his language and his family. He often gets
his sisters names wrong and confuses them
with his house boy, Okawa, who he also claims
is his "mentor" and "counsellor".…read more


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