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Make sure there are no liquids on the floor
Any water or other substances are ones you may not see, but could easily slip on.
Keep room temperature around 18°
If the room is too hot, moisture and humidity would cloud on the floor and make it slippery, and also make it difficult environment to work in. However if it was too cold, it would stiffen up your muscles, so you
wouldn't be able to move as well, and risk injury if you pull the muscle.
Keep all wires tucked against the wall
This is another safety risk, in case anyone was to trip over them.
Keep mirrors clean and safe
If there was a sharp edge on the corner of the mirror, someone could get hurt.
equipment properly
So that when someone tries to get out the equipment it does not fall down and break/injure the person.
Make sure the floor is clear
This is so that you will not stand on/trip over anything and hurt yourself.


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