Dance music technology

Definitions of all of the dance music technology you need to know about.

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Dance Music Technology
Remixing- Record producers take an original track and make a new
version by changing the style and balance.
Chorus- An effect created by taking an audio signal and mixing it
with several delayed copies of itself.
Delay- Refers to any type of effect that adds a delayed version of
the original signal, to create effects such as reverb or echo.
Equalisation- The reducing or boosting of different frequencies.
Quantisation- Used during sequencing to align notes to their correct
positions in time.
Reverb- Reverberation- refers to the multiple reflections produced
in an enclosed space and can be heard clearly in large spaces.
Panning- Is the positioning of a sound in the stereo field; this may
be used to give the impression that the sound is moving from side to
Compression- Used in very modern pop production. It's the process
of evening up the sound by reducing the dynamic range.


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