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Dance Club Remix (DCR)

The Styles:

House: 4/4 beat (like all dance music), with a heavy repetitive bass line. The drum machine features

Techno: Techno is fast (between 130 and 150bpm) but hardcore techno could be even faster. The
beat is a very strong `4-to-the-floor' beat, and there are…

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Sequencing: This is a way of building up a song by recording lots of tracks one over another. It's
usually done on a computer. The tracks could be electronic sounds, samples, real instruments
and voices, synthesised instruments or a mixture of all of these.

Remixing: a remix is an alternative…

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The big clubs in Manchester (the Hacienda and Thunderdome) made it a very popular place to be for
clubbers. The 1980s party atmosphere in Manchester led to it becoming known as `Madchester.'
This in turn gave rise to groups such as the Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses which were…


Samuel Richardson


A  very useful outline of the modern genres of dance music. Some important key terms are defined - make sure you can memorise them!

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