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Daily Hassles:

DeLongis et al (1982) created the Hassles and Uplifts scale (HSUP) this was
used to measure a person's attitude and reaction to a daily situation. This
concentrates on the daily events of a person's life rather than the rare life
changes they can experience.

Example of part of…

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Daily Hassles:
Bouteyre et al (2007):
Looked at the relationship between daily hassles and the mental health
of students during the first year transition from school to university
Students completed the HSUP and the Beck depression inventory, to see if
there was…

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minor situation. The person is less able to cope with the minor situation
when suffering from the effects of a major life change.

-VE ­ When participants are asked to assess their daily hassles they are
usually asked to recall the hassles from the previous month making the
results less…


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