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Climate, the Environment and People ­ Weather and Climate
Case Study ­ Cyclone (LEDC) ­ EVENT
Name: Bangladesh cyclone disaster
Location: Bangladesh, South India (world's densely populated and poorest country/not
very high above sea level/floods annually)
Date: 1991
o Caused disaster on SE coast and delta region
o Strong winds created high tidal wave
o Wave killed 125,000 people
o Widespread destruction ­ roads/bridges/electricity supplies/crop/animals all lost
o Over £1 billion worth of damage
Short term effects (including aid):
o Drinking water polluted
o Salt water contaminated farmland
o Meagre handouts given by government and aid agencies
Long term effects (including aid):
o Risk of cholera and other diseases due to water contamination
o Cyclone struck just before harvest, low food reserves and future reserves destroyed
as well
o Neglected other cheap and more effective means of preparing for cyclones such as
embarking on a programme of improved coastal embankments not only for protection
against storms, also a better protection for crops infrastructure


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