Cycles in Biology sample essay

this is a sample essay i wrote for my teacher - there may be a few mistakes and i cant find the edited versiom so please dont try to learn it word for word. its more useful to make notes on what can be used in an essays and what is meant by 'synoptic'

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Cycles in biology

Vegetative reproduction is a part of a plant's life cycle because it is a form of asexual reproduction,
which usually produces a stem from for a new plant to be produced from this occurs by producing
genetically identical eukaryotic cells allowing growth of the plant, via mitosis.…

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action potential is propagated further along the axon in this same cycle and the potassium movement
on the outside of the axon membrane causes repolarisation allowing sodium ions can be actively
transported out. It is this process that stimulates the movement of muscles for the prey to run away


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