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Current Electricity:


A circuit diagram is a useful way to show how components make
up a circuit. Each component has its on symbol and use.

Name Symbol Use
Battery Pushes electrons around a
completed circuit.

Switch Enables current to be
switched on or off

Light Designed to emit light…

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Electrons passing through a circuit have to push their way through
lots of vibrating atoms which resist the passage of electrons.

Resistance() = Potential Difference(V) / Current(A)

R = I / V

The unit for resistance is ohms.

Ohms Law states that the current through a
resistor at a…

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The total potential difference of a
voltage supply in a series circuit is shared
between the components.

The total potential difference of cells
in series is the sum of the
potential difference of each cell.

The total resistance of components
in series is equal to the sum of
their separate…

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