Curitiba's sustainable strategies

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Curitiba (sustainable strategies)
Urban planning:
Pedestrianising 15 city blocks
Land next to an electricity company was converted to a housing estate
Over 200 km of bike paths in the city
The Green Exchange:
Favela residents exchanged rubbish for bus tickets and food
Builders given tax breaks if building projects include green space
Urban Parks:
Flood plains converted to park & boating lakes
Former quarry sites to become landscape features
Waste Management:
Organic and non-organic waste separation
Homeless and alcoholics hired for recycling plants
Waste collectors collect, sell and recycle rubbish carts to recycling companies
Dock-dock cars (60cmX130cm)
Bus Rapid Transport system
3 section bendy bus with elevated tube stations for efficiency
Integrated travel systems to 14 neighbouring towns, bus lanes are interconnected
through 20 terminals
5 main express bus routes that have their own bus lanes
The transport system caters for 70% of the city's people, it is efficient and cheap (1 bus
fare to travel the whole city)
Buses now use alternative fuels, natural gas creates less pollution


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