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What Does It Mean?
Culture is the values (the
standards or ethical principles
which are prized), norms (the
social expectations), beliefs and
customs of a society or group;
it's the whole way of life.…read more

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What makes up a
There are many things that make up a
· The way people act to people and to
· The way people dress and their fashions
· The religion people practise
· Rituals which could be daily or whatever
people do on a regular basis
· What people do in their spare time and the
way their lifestyle is…read more

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Examples of how
cultures can change
· If you were to move to another country in later life, to
America say when you were 20, you may pick up the
American style of life and partly lose the lifestyle you had
before you had moved.
· A job may affect your culture. You may get promoted in a
job and get more pay than before and so your social life
may get more sophisticated than before just because you
can afford more than before.
· You may start off your life as a strict Christian or as part
of any other religion because your parents chose you to
have that lifestyle and then you may not want to be part
of that religion anymore. This would change the way you
thought about religion, the clothes you may wear, what
you are allowed to eat or drink etc.…read more

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· Shared Meanings
· Cultural Diversity
· Sub Cultures
· Counter Cultures
· Status
· Cultures are dynamic and change
over time…read more


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