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Nothing's Changed
By Tatamkhulu Afrika…read more

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A Negative View
Nothings changed
Absolute…read more

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All one syllable words,
makes a statement
Small round hard stones click
under my heels,
Barren Only Weeds
Seeding grasses thrust can survive
Bearded seeds
Litter doesn't Into trouser cuffs, cans,
very nice trodden on, crunch
in tall, purple flowering,
Amiable weeds.
Familiar, recognises it…read more

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Simple statement.
District Six. Doesn't need a sign to
know is true home
Where he grew up. No board says it is:
But my feet know,
His senses Is familiar to him
and my hands,
and the skin about my bones, Oxymoron
and the soft labouring of my lungs,
and the hot, white, inwards turning
anger of my eyes.
Contrast from the
gentle to anger.…read more

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Over the top Brash with glass, Shouting that it'
name flaring like a flag, s changed
Out of place
it squats Stuck there
in the grass weeds,
Fake trees incipient port Jackson trees: Imported trees
Very new/
new, up-market, haute cuisine, Descriptive
guard at the gatepost
whites only inn.
White people have
taken over. Lack of equality…read more

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Poverty: to poor to go in
Whites only
No sign says it is:
but we know where we belong.
Lack of equality…read more

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