Culture and Identity Sociology Key words

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IDENTITY ­ The way we see ourselves in relation to others
PERSONAL IDENTITY ­ A Unique and public identity
SOCIAL IDENTITY IS BASED ON : our membership of, or identification with, particular social groups
IDENTITY POLITICS ­ Main concern is the conflicts and struggles over group identities in society
BECK ­ Individualisation "reduces the control of traditional roles and social structures over people's
BAUMAN ­ "The collapse of traditional communities has led people to search desperately for
collective identities"
MASS CULTURE- Tabloid newspapers, gossip magazines, soap operas
AND MARXISTS ­ "to propagate false pictures of reality that support the ruling class"
FERAL CHILDREN ­ show importance of culture
SOCIALISATION ­ internalising norms and values
HIDDEN CURRICULUM ­ the background values and expectations that run through the school system
PEER GROUP ­ Helps children develop a sense of independence
RELIGION ­ Promotes secular values, provides a moral code and generates moral values
HYPODERMIC EFFECT ­ the idea that mass media injects content into us and makes us immediately
accept what they tell us
AGE IDENTITIES ­ Based more around culture than biology
FUNCTIONALISM - youth cultures ease the passage towards stable identities and personalities
POSTMODERNITY ­ called attention to the increasing diversity of youth culture
AGEING POPULATION ­ the elderly outnumber the young
AGEISM ­ Discrimination on the basis of someone's age
SOCIAL CLASS ­ Old age pensioners can be split into "Two Nations"
DISABILITY AND IDENTITY ­ hard to define, no real definition
LABELLING THEORY ­ Disability is not a quality of what you are, it's how people react to it
STRUCTURAL OPPRESION ­ The disabled are prevented from leading a normal life through the actions
of the abled
VIRTUAL IDENTITY ­ what the person's bodily characteristics should be
ACTUAL IDENTITY- what the person's bodily characteristics really are
SPOILED IDENTITY ­ consequence of stigmatisation by others
DISCREDITED DISABLITIY ­ and imperfection is visibly or widely known to people -> covering up,
concealment etc.
ETHNIC GROUP ­ its own culture based on a sense of shared origin
GILROY ­ The historical experience of slavery runs through all black cultures
Sian Williams

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ALEXANDER ­ there are many different ways of being black
MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY ­ a number of distinctive ethnic groups with their own identity, values and
MODOOD ET AL ­ generational differences between Caribbean people living in Birmingham
CULTURAL NAVIGATION ­ The ability to navigate through different cultural traditions and
MIZRA ET AL ­ 16-24 aged Muslims are most conscious of their difference to mainstream British
HYBRID IDENTITY ­ combines different ethnic styles to create new identities
NATIONAL IDENTITIES ­ changes over time,…read more

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SOCIAL CLOSURE ­ the membership of the upper or middle class is "closed" to members of other
CONTESTED MATTER ­ class has no real definition, meaning or nature
LEISURE ­ the time left over after all work and non-work obligations
MASS LEISURE C20 ­ improved transport, reduction in working hours, increased working class
spending power
WOMEN LESS TIME FOR LEISURE THAN MEN? -> more domestic responsibilities, most leisure activities
aimed at men, women earn less money than men
PLURALIST MODEL ­ leisure in contemporary…read more


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