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Relationships in different cultures

A01 Studies A02/3

Voluntary & non-voluntary relationships Voluntary & non-voluntary relationships evaluation Voluntary & non-voluntary relationships evaluation
Western-culture: urban settings, easy Non-voluntary or arranged marriages make good sense & seem Gender bias ­ some studies such as the Xiaohe & Whyte
geographical & social mobility. Interact…

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Relationships in different cultures

Non-Western cultures ­ emphasise continuity
d therefore likely to be dominated by
permanent relationships.
Western cultures ­ emphasise change and
discontinuity, and therefore tend to favour
more temporary relationships.

Norms and rules Norms & Rules Norms & Rules evaluation
Norms are general descriptions of what is…

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Relationships in different cultures

· Long distance relationships · Marriage
· Availability of love In the West the dominant style is monogamy
· Romantic love In Non-Western Tibet for example a women may marry two or
more brothers (Polyandry)
· Temporary relationships
· Increased divorce rates

Non-Western Cultures

· Empathising…


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