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Cultural capital
Bourdieu: three types of capital

Bourdieu (1984): cultural and material factors contribute to educational
achievement and are not separate but linked to one another. Uses
`capital' to explain how m/c are more successful

Capital refers to wealth but also economic capital. He identifies two
further types:

Educational capital…

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E.g. middle class children with cultural capital are better equipped
to meet the demands of the school curriculum and gain
In a similar way, wealthier parents can convert economic capital
to educational by sending children to private schools & paying for
extra tuition
Leech and Campos (2003): m/c parents…

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school. Identifies 3 main types of parents: privileged-skilled
choosers, disconnected-local choosers & semi-skilled choosers

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Disconnected-local choosers

Gewirtz concludes that middle class families with cultural capital
and economic capital are better placed to take advantage of the
available opportunities for good education

Although in theory, education market gives everyone greater
choice, in practice those who possess cultural and economic
capital have more choice than others…

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