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Cultural bias occurs in Psychological Research when a researchers own norms and beliefs, derived
from their own culture, clouds the objectivity of their research.

Pike (1954) explained that when looking at cultural bias in... We need to be aware of
the emic and etic approach.

The Emic approach emphasises each…

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account that this experiment was conducted in the 1970's, the time of the second major
feminist movement of the 20th Century. The low obedience rate found in this study (16%)
could be explained by the fact that the feminist movement was particularly popular in
Australia, and the women who took…

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& Bondbelieved that there are many potential flaws that can occur

when studying a number of cultures.

1st) Translation:
As spoken word constitutes as the majority of findings the translation of participant's answers must
be done as accurately as possible for a true comparison.

2nd) Backgrounds:
It must…




Colourful and detailed. Picture of a pike is a good idea! 

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