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Culinary terms…read more

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Terms Al dente- to tooth Au gratin-sprinkled
(firm to bit) often with cheese or
Accompaniments- used to describe breadcrumbs and
items served pasta browned
separately to main
Bain-marie ­ Brulee- burnt Bouquet garni- a
container full with (caramelised) sugar small bundle of
water to keep food on top of cream herbs
hot without fear of
burning…read more

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Croutons- cubes of En croute- Flambe- cooked
bread that are fried wrapped in pastry in flame whilst
and grilled burning away
Garnish- served
Julienne ­ thin Marinade- a richly
with savoury
match sized spiced/herbed liquid to
meals as a type
strips of tenderise and give
of decoration
vegetables flavour to meat or fish…read more

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Entrée- main course Mise-en-place- Puree- a smooth
basic preparation mixture made from
prior to assembling food passed through
products a sieve
Reduce- to concentrate Roux- the Saute- fry in fat of
or thicken a liquid by thickening of oil/ tossed in fat
boiling or simmering cooked flour or fat…read more

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Thanks for watching, hope it was
helpful xoxoxox…read more


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