Crowded Coasts - UK

Some basic facts on what the causes, impacts, how it has affected people and the soulutions!

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Sea Levels in the UK
Scientists have noticed that all over the world sea levels are rising,
including the UK.
The south and east of Britain is slowly sinking, and the northern part of
the UK is rising due to the ice caps are melting.
Global Warming ­ global warming has affected the sea level,
because it is warming up the sea, which makes it expand more,
including the north poll melting.
Melting of ice glaciers ­ all the ice and snow on the top of the
mountains in the northern part of the UK, is melting slowly, and
running into the rivers, which run into the
sea, which have caused a rise in sea level.
Flooding in land
Homes/shops/farms, being ruined because
of flooding has wrecked it.
Loss of jobs
Loss of money
Government spend of repairs and
How has it affected people:
Loss of land
Loss of wealth
Ruined peoples businesses/homes
Build defences
Flood warnings
Stop building homes on flood plains.


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