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George Santanyana : "this excellent Faustus is damned by accident or
predestination" (Santayana)
"Faustus is Everyman, and his sin a re-enactment of the sin of Adam" (Maxwell)
"he overreaches himself, his ambitions for rich reward and power driving him
into wild, dangerous and ultimately tragic…

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A03 The Pardoner's Tale- Chaucer
Dramatic Criticism would consider the theatrical elements, interpreting that
the Pardoner is a `performer.'
Marxist criticism sees the Church in medieval times as primarily a social -
human structure. It held power over people both spiritually, and crucially,
Helen Cooper- Knowledge of evil…

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Arno Karlen "The homosexual heresay" - prominence of homosexuality in the
church, church's deviation from holiness-sexual desires

A03 Othello - Shakespeare
T.S Elliot "Othello is a terrible exposure of a human weakness."
Carol Thomas Neely Desdemona is "Unfaithful; Othello seeks this love from
Iago." Suggests Othello's self worth &…

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A.C Bradley "Puts his entire confidence in the honesty of Iago." "Othello is the
most Romantic figure among Shakespeare's heroes."
Kenneth Tyan "All the women are engaged in unbalanced relationships."
Harold Bloom- "Emilia is the only one that Iago underestimates."


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