Criticisms of the New Deal

Criticisms of the new deal

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Criticisms of the New Deal
Republican's opinion:
Republicans though that Roosevelt was behaving like a dictator - he was compared to Hitler
Republicans thought that he was making the Government to powerful - making citizens lazy
because the WPA (Works Progress Administration) was making them do unnecessary jobs.
Thought that the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) and the NRA (National Recovery
Administration) was a copy of the communist economic planning of the soviet union.
believed that too much money was being wasted
What the source represents:
The scheme was faulty
Roosevelt was doing too much
Roosevelt was wasting too much money in something that wasn't working properly
American citizens were working too hard for nothing
Waste of money
The scheme was unstable

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Businessmen's criticisms:
They wanted more independence - didn't want the government interfering
Thought that Roosevelt was bringing in more things than he could handle - juggling
them but leaving them to fall
Didn't want to raise employees wages- couldn't afford to do so- the great
Didn't want to pay social security contributions for their workers
Felt that scheme like the TVA were unfair to privately owned businesses
Criticized all the codes and regulations of the NRA
Upper Class criticisms:
Didn't want to pay higher…read more


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